This song came as I was watching a news report of a large group of whales beaching themselves on a Cape Cod beach. It ended up becoming an anti-abortion song, not that I embrace the "pro life" movement, I just don't believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control.


The Whale Song
(It Just Ain’t Normal)

by mckavanaugh

Extra, extra! Read all about it! The beach is covered with whales!
I don’t quite know what to say about it says the TV reporter quite pale
We just don’t have any scientific reason for them acting in this way
All we can do is record what happens - what else can we say?
It just ain’t normal

There’s a few still alive but they’re starting to dry out and are in tremendous pain
And if we pulled them out to sea ya know they’d just beach themselves again
It’s all quite insane but we’ll be humane and take them out of this hurt
Once they’re all dead we’ll make a hole real deep and cover them up with dirt
It just ain’t normal
Oooh it just ain’t normal

I wish to God He’d do something real odd and make the chief whale come back to life
Enable him to speak with a powerful voice that would cut just like a knife
He’d have to speak in English ‘cause we’re talking ‘bout the US of A
And as the tears rolled down from his eyes, here’s just what he’d say
It just ain’t normal

Under the guise of the label of humanitarian you protect baby seal and whales
But to protect your selfish lifestyles aborted babies line your garbage pails
Well I’m not impressed with your sympathy toward us humble beasts of the sea
You may just try to justify yourselves but you ain’t gonna do it by me
‘Cause it just ain’t normal
Oooh it just ain’t normal