A fingerstyle piece in Open E tuning...


by mckavanaugh

Sitting outside the prison waiting for things to cool off
Hoping for a vision that I wonít scoff
Montrealís ahead with Newport just aside
Waiting for the one I love to say come inside

But peace comes piece by piece
In precious weekly portions like the pictures of my new niece
Patience has her way though Iíd rather my own
Futureís closing and greater joy rarely known

Getting things in order - time rolls on
Glimpses and remembrances bring back a hint of dawn
Canít say that interestís here by now itís only words
This hanging out on a limb is strictly for the birds

Thinking Ďbout Brazil & jazz and funky bluesy tunes
'Bout living in the Caribbean walking the beach in the afternoon
'Bout dancing & singing & even silly dinosaurs
'Bout babies, whales, France, Rhode Island - sometimes Even More