This is a poem that became a song - another one in Open Double E or E5 tuning. It was written at First Beach in Newport, Rhode Island.

The image here is also entitled Seagull Tugboats. The original is a watercolor done for me by Michelle Guild, an artist friend from Massachusetts.


by mckavanaugh

Seagull tugboats
Ancient mariners searching the water’s surface
Like a prophet
Watches the winds of time
Doom is not seen here - there is water and life
Doom is not seen here - there is water and life

Tiny silver fishes
Race by as tasty targets
One shall be caught
Today I would think
Hunger is either incentive to work harder
Or a sign of impending death


A biplane tows a glider
While a seagull soars by free
Men keep trying… 

There are five tugs
On the water now
One rustles her wings
As another dunks his head
All - all are being fed
All - all are being fed

Well timed
Are the seasons
Which have brought forth
The sun and warmth
Well timed - well timed
Well timed - well timed indeed