A tune about alienation in an alien nation...


by mckavanaugh


In Montreal the trains have rubber wheels
The people there all speak in French - you can’t tell them how you feel
What you think’s good finger lickin’ could be frogs’ legs instead of chicken
In Montreal the trains have rubber wheels

I went to Canada to get away
Some time to laugh - some time to play
Some time to do some things I’d never done
My girl had up and left me dry
Felt like I was gonna die
Went up there to rest and have some fun but...


Got into what’s called Centerville
Stopped at a bank to change some bills
Went to a girl who’d help me I supposed
She looked at me like I was dumb
Then realized from whence I’d come
The sign in front of her said "this lane closed"


Wanted to see a shopping mall
Figured they must have one
So I jumped into my car and drove around
Mon Dieu, of course, how silly of me
Where else could all the shopping malls be
Of course they put the things all underground


Went to see a movie there
An American film & if you should care
The day before it rained and we got drenched
But silly me I should have known
The moving film that we were shown
Had writing cross the bottom all in French

(Repeat Chorus twice)