by mckavanaugh


Oh mercy me, my baby’s been running ‘round God knows where
Oh mercy me I feel naked inside - barren and bare
Oh mercy me - can’t seem to get a handle on what’s been going on
Oh mercy me - still love the crazy critter - am I half gone?

Oh my dear God - can’t stand this hurting down in my heart
Oh my dear God feel like my love a target and she’s been the dart
Oh my dear God - why’d you ever make our senses so keen
Oh my dear God why do I seem to think she’ll stop treating me so mean

Mercy sake’s alive - who am I kidding - what am I doing here?
Mercy sake’s alive - just to think of her - oh what a dear
Mercy sake’s alive - tomorrow’s come too many times without her there
Mercy sake’s alive - either get her here beside me or completely out of my hair