by mckavanaugh

Heavy weights on the ankles of my soul
Lost and yet somehow hoping
Hoping for clearer skies and a heavy rain
And a heavy reign


Heavy rain, heavy reign
Wash down on my soulís love
Heavy rain, heavy reign
Pour down on my soulís love

Salvation under cover, hidden in holes
Cost seems to be overwhelming
Abel appearing to lose to Cain - oh to hear
Dawnís feet on my floor again

Repeat chorus

Heaven and hell on a short order pad
Leftovers stolen by a stranger
Something to remember and something to forget as they buffaloed the bill
And made a loan to the ranger

Repeat chorus

Christian convictions that couldnít get a ticket
A parking violation at best
Could try to get by with less but I need more
Think Iíll read Revelation

Repeat chorus twice