This was written on a Boston subway on my way to visit a girl I liked...


by mckavanaugh


Please drop me off at the train station
I got a feeling that my numberís there
Heading out for a new destination
Goin after that woman who makes me really care

Címon Rodney, please donít say Iím crazy
Most my life Iíve acted half insane
Since I met her my visionís been hazy
Thereís lots of room for her in my brain

Ooh heading down the line
Ooh my Best Friend says Iíll be fine
Ooh that girlís just gotta be mine
Ooh heavenís down the line

Dropped my bag and went into the club car
Faces distant - just this side of strange
Understand why guys want to be cowboys
Donít deal with folks when youíre riding the range

Repeat Chorus

Train starts moving and the people jerk sideways
Funny but sheís done the same thing to me
Weíre heading out but my feet they ainít moviní
Least not as fast as I want them to be

Repeat Chorus