I was on vacation up in Montreal when I found the words to the chorus on a bulletin board - the only note on the board in English.  The seller seemed passionately descriptive of the property he was selling.  I wrote the words down exactly as he had written them.  The song was built around that.


by mckavanaugh

The old rocking chairís sittin in the corner
Used to sit there watching you knit sweaters for the kids
Times like that seem distant now - them days were warmer
Wish we hadnít gotten cold like we did


For sale: a single bed with a wooden frame
A dresser with 3 drawers and 2 bamboo window shades
A round kitchen table
And a blue wooden arm chair

Bessieís off married in the States - God, how I miss her
Billyís passed his final exam - thought for sure heíd fail
Those kids used to worry us so - how they used to ramble
Canít spend too much time thinking about it or Iíll just turn pale

Repeat chorus

Sorry I quit thinking you were worth being kind to
Sorry we let it get so bad we didnít even try
Wish you didnít hate me for the things I never did for you
Wish I could see a trace of sorrow in your eyes

Repeat chorus twice