mike kavanaugh art gallery


Mike is an amateur black & white photographer when he has time to pursue it.  He also has some work done by friends that he is particularly proud of.  Following are links to the art published here at mikekavanaugh.com:

The Fountain Series:  A series of four black & white photos taken by mike during a visit to Montreal, Quebec a number of years ago.

Princess Annie:  A photo Mike took of his niece, Ann Tierney.

Cheryl:  A photo of Mike's friend Cheryl for his work entitled Letters to Cheryl, Part 1.

Seagull Tugboats:  A watercolor by friend Michelle Guild commissioned for Mike's poem and song entitled Seagull Tugboats.

Red:  The pastel by friend Nancy Schaff used for the cover of Mike's first CD.

Nancy Schaff pastels:  More of the exquisite work by artist and friend, Nancy Schaff.